If you take my work to another site, pls don`t reupload my files and give the link to message on my blog))That's all^^
Внимание, небольшие изменения!
Если вы хотите разместить мою работу на другом сайте, давайте ссылку только на сообщение в блоге, а не на Файлообменник!
Do not re use my meshes and textures!

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  1. Анонимный says:

    Very nice. Keep up the great work. I am just loving your new creations.

  2. AN n EV says:

    Michelle B,
    Thanks for the good reviews!

  3. JS Sims 3 says:

    Awesome! Very pretty! Thank you!

  4. Анонимный says:

    I LOVE THESE!! Thank you! ^-^ (MurfeeL)

  5. KimDaSim says:

    Ooh nice wings
    but where can
    i get that outfit,
    tell me :)

  6. AN n EV says:

    KimDaSim, Thanks))
    This outfit here

  7. KimDaSim says:

    I found it, thanks its really pretty and artistic :)

  8. AN n EV says:

    I am very glad that you liked it:)
    Thank you ^.^

  9. Анонимный says:

    Are they for children and toddlers too? -please say yes please say yes-

  10. AN n EV says:

    Ohhh sorry, but i have to say no T_T

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