If you take my work to another site, pls don`t reupload my files and give the link to message on my blog))That's all^^
Внимание, небольшие изменения!
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Do not re use my meshes and textures!

Chai Xianghua hair (SoulCalibur IV) for teen to elder females

Ok, this hair is for teen to elder females.. Enjoy :)


Talim hair (SoulCalibur IV) for teen to elder females

Hello :) This is hair conversion of SoulCalibur - Talim Enjoy ^^ Have thumbnails in cas and launcher... The hat have 4 r...


Natural Lipstick N2

Hi^^  I`m realy love this lipstick :D 3 recolorable channels Enjoy!


Lipstick N1 for Teen Elder Females

Hi :) New lipstick for females... Teen to elder. 3 recolorable channels Enjoy^^


Earrings 006 for females

Hello) Earrings for teen to elder females... 3 variations.. Enjoy ^^